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Player experience history

Here you will find how much experience a player has gained during the last day, week or month.

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Most exp ever gained in one day - top 10
Top Name Gained exp Date
1Notorious Damodred [more]20,295,7132016-10-17
2Tower God [more]20,022,0442016-05-15
3Doc Acula [more]18,740,1212016-02-24
4Tower God [more]16,446,2722016-02-21
5Tower God [more]15,055,5542016-07-23
6Tower God [more]14,406,1122016-05-22
7Reko [more]13,583,4062016-11-30
8Tower God [more]13,348,0552016-05-30
9Tower God [more]13,040,6392016-04-18
10Lollerbladez [more]12,889,8662016-02-21