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Player experience history

Here you will find how much experience a player has gained during the last day, week or month.

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Since 2015-03-03
Most exp ever gained in one day - top 10
Top Name Gained exp Date
1Hetman [more]17,477,2562016-01-11
2Amazonqwasen [more]5,093,8092016-12-01
3Zabije Cie Gnoju [more]5,004,6892016-11-27
4Fun Light [more]4,533,0512016-11-14
5Fun Light [more]4,157,3842016-11-01
6Lets Fodase [more]3,831,9922016-02-08
7Aeridian [more]3,770,6732016-03-20
8Yuriko [more]3,676,6252016-11-29
9Aeridian [more]3,606,2652016-03-28
10Yuriko [more]3,440,2162016-10-17