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The tasks are quests where you kill a certain amount of creatures, after you are done, return to Radek for your reward.

Good to know:

  • You can only have one task at a time
  • Every task can only be completed once
  • You can cancel a task at any time, but progress will be lost
  • Summons does not count as a kill
  • Only last hit counts
  • Radek is here

    Thais, northwest from depot and upstairs.

    Radek ×

There are still tasks with unknown rewards, if you know reward to any of them, please contact me.

Creature Kills Experience Gold Item
Dog 200 0 0red premium rose (10 days)
Necromancer 4000 0 0ritual wand
Dwarf Geomancer 1000 0 0magic cloak
Black Knight 1000 0 0patched boots
Behemoth 2000 0 0war axe
Banshee 6000 0 0white dress
Blue Djinn 500 0 0blue gem
Dragon Lord 500 0 0yellow premium rose (30 days)
Green Djinn 500 0 0green gem
Marid 500 0 0roc feather
Orc Warlord 200 0 0amulet of loss
Stone Golem 200 0 0blue premium rose (15 days)
Elf Arcanist 500 0 0frozen starlight
Rabbit 200 0 0stuffed rabbit
Pig 400 0 0piggy bank
Orc Shaman 400 0 0green spellwand
Priestess 4000 0 0magic wand